Thursday, October 22, 2009

Azphian - Maquette

Sorry for the bad photo quality, they were taken using my DSi again.

I'M DONE! YES! *dies*
This being my first maquette, it was tons of fun! Took a lot of time and trial and error, but in the end I managed to get most of it working. There are a couple little details that still need to be put in the boots, but other than that, I think I am done with him.
I wanna start another one!
Well....I should probably go and study for history now. XP

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Just a random doodle that I did in the break of my script writing class.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tarzan for the Win!

So, first character post~
I dunno, I see that a lot of students in my class can draw in a more cartoony style XD Though I draw more......realistically? Im not sure :P
But I wanted to practice the cartoon like style. So I chose one of my favorite disney films. Tarzan! And I drew Jane ^ ^ She is one of my favorite female leads. She just has so much character and expression to her. So anyways. This is her~

Sorry the image isn't that wonderful. I took it using my DSi XD

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Capilano University

So I have survived my first week of University! And my first week of living on my own XD
It's actually a lot of fun. I enjoyed all of my classes. It seems like it is going to be a LOT of work these next two years. That is if I can pass the first term :P Hoping!
The students in my class are really really talented. Im going to have to draw and draw and draw in order to catch up with everyone. Must learn faster!

Anyways. I have fallen into the pit of despair that is Blogging. But i guess it is for the purpose of getting to know my classmates and them to get to know me. As well as posting my work and hoping for some real critiques.

Well, that's all I really have right now. Far to busy to sit here and organize this thing right now. Maybe later!